Transport our products BY LAND, we work with several specialized transport companies that have been known very well in fish sector. Assigned transport companies for each delivery in every European country. All of them are equipped with:

  • Highly qualified human team in the sector.

  • Trucks with GPS: allows us to track and locate our products in real time.

  • Merchandise Insurance: As all trucks are equipped with merchandise insurance, we give peace of mind in case there is an incident during the transport.
  • Thermographs: allows us to know the temperature of the products from truck loading until arrive to the place of unloading.
  • Fleet: the new generation vehicles with an average age of four years that comply with current regulations such as noise, polluting gases into the atmosphere, etc.

For SEA TRANSPORT SERVICE,  we have ASERPOR this company, which offers us Customs services, port services, freight, etc., providing us with peace of mind and security in all our port activity.