Our priority and main commitment.

Customer Service

It is part of our reason for being.


Transparency and honesty in everything we do.


And respect for others. We create a culture of inclusion based on trust, respect and dignity for all.


We have qualified personnel with a recognized career.


Renewed IFS

Keep going with our promise with Quality and Food Safety, Copesma Congelados has renewed its IFS Broker certification for the 5th consecutive year. Offering quality products is our priority, which is why this standard goes hand in hand with our quality policy and the objectives pursued by Copesma. We want to thank all our clients…

Villa de Pitanxo

From Copesma Congelados we want to convey our deepest condolences to the families and the owner of the Villa de Pitanxo ship in these difficult times. All our support to the workers of the sea who risk their lives every day to offer us the best fish.

End of Conxemar 2021

The fair is over here, but our service continues. THANK YOU very much for your visits, we will see you on another occasion. Greetings from the COPESMA sales team.

Our maxim

Obtain  the  maximum  SATISFACTION  of  our clients,

Providing  the  products  that  they  demand  from  us,

At  the  TIME  AND  PLACE  they  need  it.

Ours collaborators